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Arty Lillies

The Lillies got all arty at our meeting on 9th January, with a lesson in charcoal drawing from local artist and Lillies member Nikki Monday (far right, front row).

Nikki brought a selection of photographs along for us to transform into charcoal drawings, and started by demonstrating the various stages of composing a charcoal drawing as she drew a lovely seascape. She also showed us some techniques for applying charcoal and white chalk to achieve different effects in our pictures.

We each then collected a sheet of paper, some charcoal and some chalk, and got to work, while Nikki kept an eye on our progress and offered help and advice where needed. After some considerable effort, and with charcoal all over our hands, plus a few smudges on our faces, we had produced the beautiful drawings that you can see in the photo.

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