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Colour analysis workshop

We had a packed meeting last Thursday for our Colour Analysis Workshop, with 9 guests joining us for the evening – welcome ladies!

The workshop was given by Sarah Gray (in the centre in the photograph), who is a Colour Me Beautiful image consultant, based in Leamington. Sarah started with a discussion of the various different aspects of our appearance which contribute to the first impression that we make when we meet people. She then moved on to talk in more detail about the impact that the colours that we wear have not only on that first impression but also on how well we look. As we were having a workshop it wasn’t long before volunteers (including Margaret and Becki in the photograph) were selected from the audience and Sarah demonstrated the different sets of colours that we should be wearing according to our hair and skin colour. We had an excellent illustration of how wearing the wrong colours draws people’s eyes to our clothes and can make us look washed out and tired, while wearing the right colours can enhance our appearance and make sure that it is us, and not our clothing, that is the focus of attention.

During the meeting we also announced our Charity fundraising evening for Myton Hospice, on 18 October (click here for details) and over half the places were signed up for there and then – places are limited so if you are interested please book asap.

More information about colour analysis can be found on Sarah’s web site.

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