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Jubilee street party

Last night Rebecca, Debbie, Sophie and Anna went to the WFWI “60 Glorious Years” indoor street party at Hatton village hall. The hall was appropriately, and most attractively, decorated with red, white and blue bunting and Union flags. With Union flag napkins and paper cups on the tables, and a red, white and blue dress code, the hall certainly looked fit for the Queen.

The evening started with a telegram from Her Majesty (?) advising that, sadly, she would not be able to attend due to some domestic issues involving the corgis. So, resignedly, the gathered WI ladies settled down to listen to Lola Lamour sing a selection of songs from the 40s and 50s. Then it was time for a fish and chip supper, followed by a ‘Royal quiz’ – we tried our best but our lack of detailed knowledge about the Royal family rapidly became apparent… Lola then took to the stage again and we rounded off the singing with a traditional WI rendition of ‘Jerusalem’ and surprised ourselves by how many of the words we remembered from school.

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