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Lillies get trolley-ed for charity

Lillies ladies spent the evening of 18th October getting ‘trolley-ed’ with the directors of Warwick-based business, Wanzl UK Group. The event, which featured product tests and sporting challenges, concluded with £250 being donated to The Myton Hospice.

Wanzl UK Group is the largest single supplier of retail equipment in the UK, working with all of the major retailers. The company invited The Lillies to participate in the company’s first consumer interaction event in order to generate valuable product development feedback for future innovations to support UK shoppers.

Around 20 ladies visited Wanzl’s Warwick headquarters to put shopping trolleys and hand baskets to the test, providing in depth product reviews and debating issues like security, manoeuvrability, aesthetics and QR codes. In addition, a trolley dash time trial saw our ladies competing to manoeuvre a full trolley around a mini course in the quickest time, while learning where best to place heavy goods in order to have the most control.

We are always looking for something a little different for our members to do and this seemed like a fantastic opportunity to support a local company and raise money for a local charity. We are delighted that Wanzl will be taking our feedback about their products on board and look forward to continuing our relationship with the company into 2013.

Wayne Asher, marketing manager at Wanzl UK Group, commented: “While this event was a lot of fun for all of the participants and raised money for a local charity, there was also a serious side. We carry out market research across our worldwide regions and, often, it is the qualitative consumer feedback which really helps to shape our development work.

“While our customer may be the retailer who purchases the product, it is the family using the trolley or hand basket who can give us valuable insight into its practicality. We’re delighted the Lillies WI group could join us for this first consumer interaction event and hope to run more of them in the future.”

To find out more about Wanzl UK Group, please visit www.wanzl.com.



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